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SCPA Presemtation Night 2017 Season PICS


This prestigious annual event was again held at the East Horton Golf Club near Southampton. In a good night for Worthing Angela collected the Division 3 six-a-side League winner shield for Trident, Jamie collected the Regional Junior Shooting winner's prize, along with the runner up prize for the Regional Junior Singles, and Martin, pictured with team mate Chris Chubb, was presented with a badge for representing the Region in the 2017 Inter-Regionals


Xmas Melee 2017 PICS


With 30 players, including a guest appearance from SCPA President Glenn Floyd, we took to a frozen terrain. Usual format of three times games, the results were:


Winner: Chris

Second: Jamie

Third: Keith W

Best looking: Terry F

Best hat: Carole


Thanks to all who played, Marilyn for the catering, Michael for the raffle, and everyone else who contributed.


Trident Division 3 Champions 2017 PIC


Worthing Trident are Champions of Division 3 and are promoted to Division 2 next season, for the first time in the Club's history. The picture shows the 2017 squad, minus Lesley McMurdie who played in four games


Battle of the Sexes September 2017 PICS


The annual hard fought match between the men and the ladies took place last night, with six sets of triples for both sexes. Alas for the fairer sex, the men won by 14 games to 4, and the ribbon on the cup stayed blue for another year.


Worthing Open Doubles September 2017 PICS


A drizzly day saw 35 teams take to the terrain for this, the last of our 2017 Opens. Full results:


Gold winners Stuart Floyd and Graham Elcome

Gold Runners up David Franco Cruz and Marc Franco Llado

Gold s/f Phil Bradshaw and Ashley Jamieson, Martin Gordon and Nigel Sibbring

Gold consolage winners Lee and Angie Jamieson

Gold consolage r/u Jeff Fox and Lesley Lewis

Silver winners Malcolm McKenzie and Paul Hayward

Silver r/u Joe and Sarah Grimaldi

Silver s/f Bob Ainsworth and Malcolm Berrett, Kath Knight and Martin Aichroth

Silver conslage winners Judith Batley and Joy Golds

Silver consolage r/u Tony and Cecily Webb

Bronze winners Jane Sibbring and David Leech

First fanny Tony and Cecily Webb


Triples Competition August 2017 PICS


Eight teams competed on a lovely late summer evening, with Jamie in charge. The winners were Diana, Chris and Angela, with Pat, Diane and Bob in second place.


Adur Charity Doubles August 2017 PICS


In a five game snake, Angela and Keith B won three games out of five, as did Chris (with Barbara Finch from Adur). Martin (with Nigel Sibbring from Handcross) won two, as did Derek and Linda. Jamie (with Francesca) won one. Sadly John B and Diane were less successful.


W.I. Renaissance August 2017 PICS


Diana, with her helpers Albert, Diane, Lesley, Rose and Dave D, entertained 23 ladies from the WI Renaissance group to a Thursday evening of petanque. This is a return visit by the group, who aleways have a good time.


Worthing Sociaboules 2017 PICS


Forty people turned up for this one, in perfect sunshine all day. Martin won the best of 4 wins, Albert (who had shared with Pat) best of one, and Carol N (who morphed into Carole Turner at lunchtime) best of none.


Adur Sociaboules 2017 PICS


An impressive array of Worthing players at Adur for their Sociaboules, with Lesley, Joan, Greta, Judith, Diane, Pat A, Keith B, Keith W, Marilyn, Mary, Chris and Bob all there. Diane won the best of five wins (for the second time in a week), Lesley best of four, Chris best of three, and Joan best of none.


Golden Cross 2017 PIC


Diane Slater won all five games at Golden Cross Sociaboules, held at Crowborough.


Bastille day 2017 PICS


Every year, on the Sunday nearest to 14 July, Adur hold their Bastille Day doubles. There are usually plenty of Worthing members there, and this year was no exception with Mary, Derek, Michael, Martin, Tim, Angela, Diana, Bob, and Malcolm on the terrain in the sunshine. Bob and Angela won the Gold Consolage, while Derek and Michael won the Bronze.


Friendly 6-a-sides v Adur 2017 PICS


The away leg was on 12 July, with Tim, Pat A, Kath, Carol N, Carole and Terry F representing Worthing. Despite some strong performances we lost 4-1 overall, with only Terry and Kath winning in the doubles. Carole, Carol and Tim were unlucky to lose their triple 13-12.


Summer Melee July 2017 PICS


As usual, Diana and Albert had arranged some fiendish games for the 28 players. The included pointing all the ablls into the circle, plating from opposite ends, playing alternately irrespective of who was on, and changing to the opposite hand on hearing the whistle. Best man was Keith W, best lady Kath, Runner up man John A,, Runner up lady Pat A, friendliest player Abbie. A Substantial buffet tea was laid on, just right for the warm evening.


EPA Ranking Doubles Competition July 2017 PICS


For the first time, a National event came to Worthing, the Men's and Women's Doubles. In glorious sunshine, 24 men's pairs and 15 women's took to the terrain. The event was live-streamed on Facebook, with an audience as high as 700 at times. Two Worthing players - Angela Brooks, and Jamie Brooks - were playing. Jamie (13) was paired with fellow Junior Marc Franco Llado, and the two of them reached the quarter finals of the men's event. This is an immense achievement considering they were up against some of the strongest adult pairs in England.


Weston-Super-Mare petanque week June 2017 PICS


Twelve Worthing players went on this popular break this year


Handcross Charity Doubles June 2017 PICS


A few Worthing players supported this event, with Angela, Abbie, Jamie, Pat, Bob, Keith W, Marilyn, Keith B and Sue all playing. It turned out to be a good day for the Brooks family as Jamie (playing with fellow England Junior Marc Franco Llado) won the Gold, while Angela and Abbie won the Bronze Consolage. Keith B and Sue reached the semis of the Silver Consolage, while Bob and Pat, and Keith W and Marilyn went out in the Bronze. Jamie's win was a fantastic achievement, winning every game, against some very strong opposition.


Probus Petanque Challenge June 2017 PICS


This was the fifth successive annual visit from Worthing Probus Club, with more people than ever this year. As usual. it was three timed games of doubles, followed by prizes and tea and cake upstairs. The winners were: in third place Keith Calver (Probus) and Keith B (who took over from Pat A after the first game); in second place Rodney Baker (Probus) and Mary Etherington; and in first place Andrew Fletcher (Probus) and Derek Coates. Well done to all of them, and thanks to all who played.


Southsea Open Triples May 2017 PIC


The opening competition for Southsea PC (formerly Farmhouse), but played at Fareham, clashed with the friendly six-a-side at Arundel, so we only had Martin Keith B and Sue to represent Worthing. They came third overall.


Doubles Competition May 2017 PICS


On a very warm evening 16 teams competed. Winners were Keith and Marlyn Wannell, with Carole Turner and Carol Taylor second. Marting Gordon and Sue Baker came third. Jamie ran the event, with Keith R to help with timing the games. Both Carole and Pat T had birthdays and brought in sausage rolls and cakes. Really good evening, and upstairs for a pint afterwards


Worthing Open Triples May 2017 PICS


20 teams for this one, including a good number of home players: Chris, Martin, Derek, Linda, Kay, Diane, John B, Keith B, Keith W, Marilyn, Diana, Carole, Carol T, Dave S, Michael, Anne, Tim, Judith and Abbie, against some very strong opposition. Results were:


Gold winners: Jack Blows Ross Jones and Reece Gould

Gold runners up: Gordon Cochrane, Mark Hadsell and Raphael Douhet

Gold semifinalist: Martin Gordon, Chris Hunt and Nigel Sibbring

Gold semifinalist: Adrian Emson, Myra Huntley and Syri Noble

Gold consolage winner: Dave Plumhoff, Tim and Daena Vincent

Gold consolage runner up: David Randall, Andrew Randall and Joe Grimaldi

Silver winners: Callum Lombard, Kaylee Thatcher, Alan Paice

Silver runners up: Steve and Karen Lombard, Carol Paice

Silver semifinalists: Mike Porter, Dave and Ali Stubbs

Silver semifinalists: Dave Kilshaw, Carrie Litchfield and Mike Sheppard

Silver consolage winner: Dave and Sue Fleck, Barbara Finch

Silver consolage runner up: Keith and Marilyn Wannell, Keith Baker

Bronze winner: Derek Coates, Linda Warner, Kay Aplin


Congtatulations to all, and a new name to go on the cup, for the first time in four years.


Arundel Triples 2017 PICS


Only a few Worthing players at this one. Keith B, Sue and Bob were runners-up in the Plate Consolage.


Easter Melee 2017 PICS


28 people played, including Sheila T-G and her daughter Laura. The winner was Colin, second was Keith W, and third Martin. Chris won best hat. Thanks to all who played, and Kath for running the event


Cobbetts Open Doubles April 2017 PICS


In a big turnout, and a very strong field, Martin (playing with Nigel Sibbring from Handcross) was Silver runner-up. Chris and Keith B reached the Silver semifinals


Shooting and Singles Competitions March 2017 PICS


Jamie ran the shooting competition, to inaugurate our new shooting mat. To no one's great surprise, Martin was the winner and Chris runner-up. Carole was best semifinalist.


Immediately afterwards was this year's Singles competition. Keith B won, Angela was 2nd, and Chris 3rd. Pat organised, with help on the night from Janet. Well done all.


Adur Spring Doubles 2017 PICS


On a dry day, unususally for Adur, Jamie and Keith B won the Gold consolage, and Tony and Sue won the Silver consolage. Good day for Worthing PC and well done all who played


Friendly 6 a sides v Kirdford March 2017 PICS


A great result, a 4-1 win, in the away leg Dave, Rose, Marilyn, Michael, Judith, Carole, and John B all played well, winning all three of their doubles and one of their triples. All this after a gigantic lunch in the Foresters, too! The second leg, at Worthing, was an even more emphatic win, with a 5-0 whitewash. Dave S, Peter, Tim, Pat A, Paul and Lesley can be proud of the way they played.


Worthing Charity Open Doubles February 2017 PICS


A record-breaking entry of 44 teams played in the fourth annual Charity Open, raising £596 for the chosen charity, the Ferring Country Centre. Bob Smytherman, the Worthing Town Crier, opened the day for us, and Lyn Vowles for the charity collected the cheque from the Teasurer.

Results were:

Gold winners - Jeff Mitchell and Matt Shrimpton

Gold runners up - Alex Hepburn and Andy Barron

Gold semifinalists - Mark Robertshaw and Graham Elcome, Frank Charlesworth and Christine Peat

Gold consolage winner - Steven Slade and Sylvie Pry

Gold consolage runner up - Dennis Slark and Gary Wilks

Silver winners - John Allen and Keith Baker

Silver runners up - Angela Brooks and Tony Jackson

Silver semifinalists - Philip Price and Julia Belu, Morgan and Martin Pry

Silver Consolage winners - Chris Holden and Nick Rowlands

Silver consolage runners up - Chris Hunt and Ella Slade

Bronze winners - Keith and Marilyn Wannell

Bronze runners up - Adrian Cowie and Paul Rasell

Bronze consolage winners - Jon Gracie and Sally Sinn (with Tom Wilson)

Spoon winners - Terry Gibbons and Pat Connolly


Good to see the Worthing names among the medals and also pleasing to see Ella Slade, who is ten years old, and Jon Gracie and Sally Sinn who were making the competition debut, winning prizes.


Adur Snowboules January 2017 PICS


There was a very good turnout for this event, held in Adur's traditional weather, ie pouring with rain. Quite a few Worthing faces were there - Derek and Michael (who won the Silver Consolage by beating Angela and Bob in the final), Tony and Keith B, Chris (playing with Barbara from Adur), and Martin and Sue. Jamie was playing with Morgan Pry, another England Junior from outside the Region, and got to the final of the Gold against David and Oscar (Cobbetts, via Barcelona). Because of the heavy rain, they agreed not to play the final and simply to share the prize money, but Jamie's and Morgan's names will be engraved on the cup. As Jamie said, they'd probably have won anyway.


SCPA Presentation Night for 2016, held January 2017 PICS


The 2016 presentations were held at East Horton Golf Club, near Winchester, a posher venue than in the past. The EPA President Martin Eggleston was on hand to present some of the prizes. A sit-down buffet was served at 7.30, followed by the presentation itself at 9.00. No prizes for Worthing this year, though Jamie featured twice, once with an award to mark his progess as a Junior, and once with the other Regional Juniors who had represented Southern Counties in the Inter-Regionals last year.


Arundel Winter Doubles 2016 PICS


Good showing of Worthing faces on a very cold day at Arundel today: Angela and Tony; Martin and Sue; Keith B and Keith R; Derek and Michael; Carole and Bob; Keith W and Marilyn; plus Jamie and his uncle Martin (Arundel). Among the prizes were Jamie and Martin B (Main Consolage winners); Martin G and Sue (Plate Consolage winners); Keith B and Keith R (Main semi-finalists); Derek and Michael (Main Consolage semi-finalists; Carole and Bob ( 4th in Spoon, and first fanny); and Keith W and Marilyn (friendliest team). Carole and Michael were making their 'away' debuts, and it was good to see some of our newer members taking the plunge into the world of competitive petanque


England Junior B Squad


Jamie has qualified, along with Marc Cruz from Cobbetts, for the 2016 England Juniors B Squad. Jamie (aged 11 at the time) and Marc are the only two from SCPA to qualify this year, so it's a great achievement.


'Rain Shelter - Grand Opening July 2015 PICS


21 July saw the formal opening of our long-awaited rain shelter. Local Councillor Keith Sunderland cut the ribbon, with Inga Lielgalve and Malcolm Brett from Community Chest (whose grant of £1000 helped pay the bill) on hand. Colin Sweeney represented WWC, with plenty of WPC players attending as well. After speeches and photos, the guests stayed long enough for a game. The shelter is a very popular feature now, and we are already getting interest from other clubs who want to do something similar.