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Worthing Open Doubles September 2020

This was a COVID-conscious, socially distanced small affair with only 14 teams and invitations limited to the four nearest clubs Handcross, Adur, Arundel and Clymping. Results were as follows:

Gold Winners Jamie Brooks and Sam Rattue

Gold r/u Angela Brooks and Chris Hunt

Gold Cons winners Martin Gordon and Nigel Sibbring

Silver winners Graham Elcome and Marcel Roux

Silver r/u Betty Lane and Carole Turner

Silver Cons winners Chris Warren Adamson and Geoff Sully

Bronze Winners Ron Martin and Carol Taylor

Bronze r/u David Saunders and Jim Vanner

Bronze Cons winners Michael Moore and Derek Coates

Spoon Winners Nick Lane and Dave Sutherland

Sorry, no photos.

Worthing Charity Open Triples February 2020.   PICS

34 teams came, from all around the Region and beyond, on a blustery day, including most of last year's Eurocup winning team. The final game of the morning went on until 2.30, making a late start inevitable in the afternoon. However, limiting each of the knockout groups to 8 teams kept the afternoon reasonably short. Josh Munns from Macmillan Cancer Care accepted the cheque for £607

Full results:

Gold winners Mike Porter, Alison Stubbs and Jay Willcocks

Gold r/u Jamie Brooks, Callum Lombard, Barry Wing

Gold s/f Tony Kidd Nigel Sibbring Bernie Miles, Angie Jamieson Ashley Jamieson Steve Daykin

Gold consolage winner Dave Plumhoff, Tim Edwins, Becky Edwins

Gold consolage r/u Frank Charlesworth, Christine Peat Graham Elcome

Silver winners Ella Slade, Sarah Huntley, Jack Blows

Silver r/u Tony Mann, Jeff Mitchell, Mick Lucioni

Silver s/f Bill Mackrell John Bailey Gerard Poirier, Jeremy Huntley, Jason White, Alex Spillett

Silver consolage winners Mark Duncan, Will Read, Stuart Floyd

Silver consolage r/u Angela Brooks, Tony Jackson, Chris Hunt

Bronze winners Steven Slade, Martin pry, Sylvie Pry

Bronze r/u Mark Barlow, Heith Vines, Tom Hitchman

Bronze consolage winners Nick Hall, Wendy Hall, Trudy Bishop

Spoon winners Nick Goodheart, Bobby Welch, Craig Baker

Spoon r/u Adrian Cowie, Mike Azzopardi, Malcolm Berrett

Xmas Melee 2019.   PICS

Congratulations to Chris Hunt for winning the best of three games. Martin won best of two, Kevin best on one, Tony best of none. Peter Hardey was judged best hat, and Carole was friendliest player, presented with a festive toilet roll for coming 'bottom'. Thanks to all who helped make the morning a success.

Terrain work December 2019.   PICS

The old topping was completely removed, and replaced with ten tonnes of limestone chippings

Secretary's Cup October 2019.   PIC

Two Worthing teams entered this competition, run by the SCPA Secretary as a thank you to people who have served on Committees during the last year. One, Nick Betty and Carole, were runners up in the Plate, having beaten the other  (Bob Martin and Angela) in the semifinal.

SCPA 9-a-side Salver October 2019.   PIC

Only 5 clubs this year, with the competition held at Worthing in order to use the difficult car park pistes. Worthing came third with 9 wins from 15 games, behind River Hamble and Cobbetts, but ahead of Handcross and Oxshott

Worthing Singles League 2019.    PIC

17 players entered the competition ot the beginning of April, and a series of eliminations reduced the squad to the eight who contested Finals Night in September. In the quarter finals Bob beat Clive, Michael beat Angela, Martin beat Malcolm, while Chris had a bye. In the semis Bob beat Martin, while Chris beat Michael. Chris beat Bob in the final so holds the trophy until this time next year.

Worthing Open Triples August 2019.  PICS

18 Teams played on a day of warm sunshine, if you ignore the short spell of torrential rain shortly after the start. Leagues in the morning, then knock-out with 8 in the Gold, 8 in the siver, and the final two playing best of three. Results;

Gold Winners: Jamie Brooks, Callum Lombard, Sam Rattue

Gold runners up: Barry Wing, Ashley Jamieson, Steve Daykin

Gold semis: Frank Charlesworth, Christine Peat, Kath Knight; Brett Rodwell, Steve Lombard, Paul Hayes

Gold Consolage winners: Hassi Leverett, Dave Lucas, Mark Robertsham

Gold Consolage runners up: Invicta (the Booth family)

Silver winners: Tony Kidd, Alex Hepburn, Angela Brooks

Silver runners up: Chris Hunt, Jeff Hobbs, Bren Hobbs

Silver Consolage winners: Betty Lane, Marilyn Wannell, Carole Turner

Silver Consolage runners up: Geoff Sully, Bob Ainsworth, Peter Maynard

International Weekend of petanque May 2019.   PIC

The best performing Worthing team on Day 1 (doubles) was Angela and Michael who won the Silver Consolage.

Worthing Open Doubles April 2019.       PICS

After a couple of late dropouts 28 teams took to the 23 pistes on a sunny, though chilly, day. The morning's league play put 16 in the Gold, 8 in the silver,and the remaining 4 in the Bronze. Full results:

Gold winners Jamie Brooks, Steve Daykin 

Gold Runners Up Callum Lombard, Davis Plumhoff

Gold semis Graham Elcome and Marcel Roux, Dean Ashby and Jason White

Gold Consolage Winners Paul hayes, Brett Rodwell

Gold Consolage Runners Up Bill Mackrell, John Bailey

Gold Consolage Semis Graham Ratcliffe, Jayne Ratcliffe, and Colin Crofts, Etsil Boukhobsa

Silver Winners Tim Edwins, Duncan Brown

Silver Runners Up Jeff Hobbs, Brenda Hobbs

Silver Semis Bob Ainsworth, Diane Slater, and Eric Geddes, Jill Geddes

Silver Consolage Winners Tony Kidd and Bernie Miles

Silver Consolage Runners Up Nick Corner, Steve Davies

Bronze Winners David Baxter, Margaret Baxter

SCPA Ladies' Doubles March 2019    PIC

This was the first time that SCPA have organised a competition for women only, and was timed both to celebrate International Women's Day and to precede the National Ladies' Doubles at Oxshott next month. The top 8 teams from the SCPA event will get an automatic place at Oxshott. After two teams dropped out at short notice, 30 teams took to the terrain. A diesel tanker accident on the M27 delayed a few teams and caused a later-than-usual start. Several Worthing members played, including Angela, Lesley, Pat T, Joy, Carole, Carol T, Judith, and Betty. Angela and her partner Maureen Lee from Southsea won the Gold Consolage. For more pics click here for the SCPA Blog

Worthing Charity Open Triples February 2019.   PICS

This year's charity was Chestnut Tree Children's Hospice, and 36 teams of triples turned out on a glorious sunny day and helped to raise a total of £905 for this very worthy cause. A magnificent achievement! The afternoon knockout was split into five groups, Gold, Silver, Bronze, Plate, and Spoon.Results were:

Gold Winners: Barry Wing, Scott Ashby, Ashley Jamieson

Gold runners up: Vince Wills, Callum Slade,Jason White

Gold Consolage winners: Ian Burchell,Mark Duncan, Will Vaughan-Read

Gold Cons Runners up: Angela Brooks, Martin Gordon, Chris Hunt

Silver winners: Sami Hamidi, Ameen, Fredrico

Silver R/U: John Denis, Tony Giordano, Clifton Gonsalves

Silver Cons Winners: Chris Barron, Andy Barron, Lyn Porter

Silver Cons R/U Steven Slade, Martin Pry, Silvie Pry

Bronze winners: Tony Kidd, Peter Kidd, Alex Hepburn

Bronze R/U: Paul Hayes, Steve White, Brett Rodwell

Bronze Cons Winners: Paula Fauvel, Robert Cleaver, Lesley Crofts

Bronze Cons R/U Colin Crofts, Chris Turner, Nigel Sibbring

Plate Winners: Alison Stubbs, Mike Porter, matt Slater

Plate R/U:  Frank Charlesworth, Ron Phelps, Christine Peat

Plate Cons Winner: Gil Harrington, Andy Harrington, Ash Patel

Plate Cons R/U: Margaret Sewell, Wendy Thompson, Doug Ford

Spoon Winners: Bill Mackrell, John Bailey, Gerard Poirier

Shooting Coaching Workshop February 2019.   PICS

40 players attended this workshop, 14 of them from Worthing and the rest from other Clubs in the Region. Worthing Club Coaches Bob and Angela along with three other very experienced coaches from other clubs laid on a series of exercises  designed to highlight techniques and to provide the basis for the provision of advice. It is hoped that this Workshop will be the first of several across the Region in the coming months

SCPA Presentation Night 2018.  PIC

In addition to winning his Blue award, and various National and Regional successes, Jamie Brooks was voted Player's Player for 2018, having been shortlisted the previous year. The trophy was presented to Jamie by Stuart Floyd, last year's winner, in the presence of the Regional President Glenn Floyd

Worthing Open Triples September 30 2018    PICS

Seventeen teams had entered, in what turned out to be a good day for Worthing players, with Angela Michael and Judith winning the Gold Consolage.

Full Results:

Gold winners Vince Wills, Christian Biagioli, David Winkworth

Gold r/u Jamie Brooks, Mark Robertshaw, Graham Elcome

Gold s/f Lee Angie and Ashley Jamieson, Hassi Leverett Steve Brickell and Chris Barron

Gold Consolage winners Angela Brooks, Michael Moore and Judith Batley

Gold Consolage r/u Colin Crofts, Chris Turner and Harrison Ash

Silver 1st Nick and Wendy Hall, Trudy Bishop

Silver 2nd Nick and Betty Lane, Marilyn Wannell

Silver 3rd Paula Fauvel, Robert Cleaver and Mike Shepherd

Silver 4th Carole Turner Chris Hunt and Martin Gordon.

IPetanque England Ranking Men's and Women's Doubles and Triples June 2018    PICS

Saturday featured a total of 48 Doubles teams competing for ranking points for 2018. A very long day finally wound to an end at 8.50pm. Sunday saw 36 Triples teams fighting it out, with the Men's final finishing around 8pm. This was a very well organised weekend with strict discipline imposed by one of the Regional umpires. Several players from Southern Counties took part, with representation in the finals on both days.

Weekend of Petanque May 2018     PICS

A fantastically successful weekend, blessed with wall to wall sunshine over the whole three days. Players from Holland, France, Belgium, Finland and Sweden were among the 64 teams who played, along with Lesley, Judith, Angela, Derek, Michael, Bob, Tony and Martin from this Club. The Dutch in particular impressed, winning many prizes. Terrain-side barbecue and bar were introduced for the first time, and a 27m stretch of extra car park was annexe to accommodate the 32 pistes that were needed. All in all, a brilliant weekend, and one sure to be repeated.

Worthing Charity Open Doubles February 2018     PICS

On a sunny, but cold, day 42 teams came to this annual charity event. Quite a few Worthing players took part, with Angela and Abbie coming third overall after the morning's game, a fantastic achievement given the quality of the opposition. Final results were:

Gold winners Gordon Cochrane and Nick Goodheart (London Region)

Gold R/U Morgan Pry and Ella Slade (Sussex Junior

Gold S/F Graham Elcome and Shelley McKenzie (Adur/Fareham), Vince Wills and Fadi Brahmi (London Region)

Gold consolage winners  Dave Stubbs and Richard Greeves (Cobbetts)

Gold consolage R/U Mark Barlow and Sebastien Shougon (London Region)

Silver winner s Frank Charlesworth and Christine Peat (Oxshott)

Silver R/U Colin and Lesley Crofts (Bordon)

Silver S/F Sammy Thatcher and Debbie Collier (Beacon View/ Adur), Marilyn Wannell and Dave Sutherland (Worthing)

Silver consolage winners Steven Slade and Lynette Carey (Sussex Region)

Silver consolage R/U Peter Allen and Brian Edmonds (Adur)

Spoon winners Bernie Miles and Stuart Cursley (Southampton City, Oxshott)

Local Guide Dogs for the Blind Representatives Miriam and John, with their guide dogs Bradley and Ellie collected the cheque for £501. They are seen in the photo with Worthing Treasurer Keith Rutter.

SCPA Presemtation Night 2017 Season    PICS

This prestigious annual event was again held at the East Horton Golf Club near Southampton. In a good night for Worthing Angela collected the Division 3 six-a-side League winner shield for Trident, Jamie collected the Regional Junior Shooting winner's prize, along with the runner up prize for the Regional Junior Singles, and Martin, pictured with team mate Chris Chubb, was presented with a badge for representing the Region in the 2017 Inter-Regionals

Trident Division 3 Champions 2017    PIC

Worthing Trident are Champions of Division 3 and are promoted to Division 2 next season, for the first time in the Club's history. The picture shows the 2017 squad, minus Lesley McMurdie who played in four games

Worthing Open Doubles September 2017    PICS

A drizzly day saw 35 teams take to the terrain for this, the last of our 2017 Opens. Full results:

Gold winners Stuart Floyd and Graham Elcome

Gold Runners up David Franco Cruz and Marc Franco Llado

Gold s/f Phil Bradshaw and Ashley Jamieson, Martin Gordon and Nigel Sibbring

Gold consolage winners Lee and Angie Jamieson

Gold consolage r/u Jeff Fox and Lesley Lewis

Silver winners Malcolm McKenzie and Paul Hayward

Silver r/u Joe and Sarah Grimaldi

Silver s/f Bob Ainsworth and Malcolm Berrett, Kath Knight and Martin Aichroth

Silver conslage winners Judith Batley and Joy Golds

Silver consolage r/u Tony and Cecily Webb

Bronze winners Jane Sibbring and David Leech

First fanny Tony and Cecily Webb

Bastille day 2017    PICS

Every year, on the Sunday nearest to 14 July, Adur hold their Bastille Day doubles. There are usually plenty of Worthing members there, and this year was no exception with Mary, Derek, Michael, Martin, Tim, Angela, Diana, Bob, and Malcolm on the terrain in the sunshine. Bob and Angela won the Gold Consolage, while Derek and Michael won the Bronze.

EPA Ranking Doubles Competition July 2017    PICS

For the first time, a National event came to Worthing, the Men's and Women's Doubles. In glorious sunshine, 24 men's pairs and 15 women's took to the terrain. The event was live-streamed on Facebook, with an audience as high as 700 at times. Two Worthing players - Angela Brooks, and Jamie Brooks - were playing. Jamie (13) was paired with fellow Junior Marc Franco Llado, and the two of them reached the quarter finals of the men's event. This is an immense achievement considering they were up against some of the strongest adult pairs in England.

Worthing Open Triples May 2017    PICS

20 teams for this one, including a good number of home players: Chris, Martin, Derek, Linda, Kay, Diane, John B, Keith B, Keith W, Marilyn, Diana, Carole, Carol T, Dave S, Michael, Anne, Tim, Judith and Abbie, against some very strong opposition. Results were:

Gold winners: Jack Blows Ross Jones and Reece Gould

Gold runners up: Gordon Cochrane, Mark Hadsell and Raphael Douhet

Gold semifinalist: Martin Gordon, Chris Hunt and Nigel Sibbring

Gold semifinalist: Adrian Emson, Myra Huntley and Syri Noble

Gold consolage winner: Dave Plumhoff, Tim and Daena Vincent

Gold consolage runner up: David Randall, Andrew Randall and Joe Grimaldi

Silver winners: Callum Lombard, Kaylee Thatcher, Alan Paice

Silver runners up:  Steve and Karen Lombard, Carol Paice

Silver semifinalists:  Mike Porter, Dave and Ali Stubbs

Silver semifinalists: Dave Kilshaw, Carrie Litchfield and Mike Sheppard

Silver consolage winner: Dave and Sue Fleck, Barbara Finch

Silver consolage runner up: Keith and Marilyn Wannell, Keith Baker

Bronze winner: Derek Coates, Linda Warner, Kay Aplin

Congtatulations to all, and a new name to go on the cup, for the first time in four years.

'Rain Shelter - Grand Opening July 2015        PICS

21 July saw the formal opening of our long-awaited rain shelter. Local Councillor Keith Sunderland cut the ribbon, with Inga Lielgalve and Malcolm Brett from Community Chest (whose grant of £1000 helped pay the bill) on hand. Colin Sweeney represented WWC, with plenty of WPC players attending as well. After speeches and photos, the guests stayed long enough for a game. The shelter is a very popular feature now, and we are already getting interest from other clubs who want to do something similar.