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Chairman: Bob Ainsworth                                                      West Worthing Club

Vice Chairman: Angela Brooks                                              Titnore Way

Secretary: Carole Turner                                                        Worthing

Treasurer: Dave Sutherland                                                   BN13 3RT 

Membership Secretary: Betty Lane  

Competitions: Nick Lane                            

General members: Martin Gordon, Patricia Tan

Club Coaches: Angela Brooks, Bob Ainsworth                                                                     


Contact us: info@worthingpetanqueclub.org.uk                       For map click here

A brief history of the Club.

Worthing Petanque Club was founded in 1997. We now have around 60 adult members and one Junior.

In 2013 the Club became a section of the West Worthing  Club CIC (WWC), and now play on a flood-lt purpose-built terrain

at the WWC  grounds in Titnore Way, Worthing.

We are affiliated to the Southern Counties Petanque Association (SCPA), one of  sixteen geographic divisions

of the sport's governing body Petanque England (PE)

We compete, as Worthing Peacocks (sponsored by Bay Studio), and Worthing Simpsons (sponsored by Simpson Electrical Solutions) in the SCPA 6-a-side League.

Individual membership of PE is not mandatory except for Committee members and for people wishing to compete in Regional or National competitions However it is strongly encouraged beacause of the the measure of third pary liability cover that it provides. You can see PE's guidance on this subject by clicking here.

Our members are required to adhere to the PE Member's Code of Conduct

This is a sociable sport, for all ages and walks of life. If you fancy having a go, or if you are a more experienced

player, we would love to see you. Just come to one of our sessions on Tuesdays Thursdays and Saturdays from

10am, and Fridays from 7pm. Our two qualified coaches will be happy to show you the basics, and you can have three free sessions before deciding whether to join. If you have your  own boules bring them along, if not we'll supply them. There is no dress code - just dress for the weather - but flat sensible shoes are a must. Wheelchair access to the terrain is provided.

If you decide to join us you need to become a petanque member of WWC, currently £88 pa..

We do not levy a charge for attendance - come as often as you like.

Contact us at info@worthingpetanqueclub.org.uk

You can hear a 2016 radio interview here

The official rules of Petanque can be seen by clicking here